Other form of Donations

We have also received donations in the form of testamentary legacies.

Leaving property or part of it as an inheritance to scientific research means believing in its potential and recognizing that it is possible to achieve new and positive goals for our health and for our physical well-being. It is an expression of great sensitivity and generosity.

It means to know how to look to the future beyond the present and our presence in this world.

What can be left as inheritance to the Volterra Ricerche Onlus Foundation:

  • A sum of money, even very small, securities, shares or other financial assets.
  • A mobile asset, an object that is believed to be useful for our activities.
  • Real estate, a house, an apartment that the Foundation can sell or use to obtain important resources to support projects of longer duration.

To make a will for our Foundation you can:

  • CContact the Foundation at +39 0588 070278 to communicate your wishes and make sure that the Foundation can receive the goods that you intend to allocate
  • Contact your notary to determine what form of testament to adopt and receive any clarification on the matter
  • Make a will according to the methods indicated by the notary

Remember that the TESTAMENT
can be changed or revoked at any time.
The most recent will is considered valid.