Who we are

The Fondazione Volterra Ricerche Onlus “No Profit” was born in 2016 following the decision of two Founding Partners – Auxilium Vitae Volterra S.p.A. and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra – to give greater impetus and development to the research activities which are applied to clinical practice starting from the initiatives that have been achieved since 2008 at Multi-specialty Center of Rehabilitation Auxilium Vitae Volterra, particularly in respiratory, cardiological and neurological sectors regarding severe acquired brain damage.


Indeed the Foundation’s purpose is to encourage, finance and manage activities of study and scientific research at national and international level, on its own and/or in association or agreement with other institutions like Universities and Scientific Research Institutes and primarily with the Biorobotics’ Department of Sant’Anna High School in Pisa, with a particular concern to:

  • Prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of all human pathologies
  • Study of environmental etiology diseases
  • Testing of new drugs and vaccines for human use
  • Methods and systems to increase safety of the environment to protect public health and agricultural category
  • Reduction of energetic consumption
  • Prevention, diagnosis, therapy of social pathologies and forms of social exclusion
  • Improvement of social, health and social services and interventions

The Volterra Ricerche Onlus Foundation also includes the research activities carried out in collaboration between Auxilium Vitae Volterra and the Sant’Anna High School in the Rehabilitation Bioengineering Laboratory where, thanks to the work of multispecialty teams made up of doctors, rehabilitation therapists and engineers, research projects have been carried out aimed at the development of cutting-edge robotic technologies and systems for the rehabilitation clinic aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the rehabilitation assistance pathways.

The Volterra Ricerche Onlus Foundation is not for profit, operates according to the “Participation Foundation” scheme and therefore pursues exclusively social solidarity purposes.